The origins of VinKo

The VinKo Project was originally launched in 2014-15 within a larger project funded by the European Union (AThEME), which aimed at investigating multilingualism from different angles. In the past two years, VinKo has been upgraded and enhanced within the Project of Excellence on digital humanities at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (University of Verona) and within the PRIN project "TREiL", Technologies for Research and Education in Linguistics, directed by Roberto Zamparelli at CIMEC/DIPSCO (University of Trento).


As is well-known, being multilingual enhances professional mobility. Research has shown that it also enriches the social and cognitive development of individuals and that it represents a fundamental aspect in the identity of a community. Multilingualism involves languages spoken within a single country as well as across the borders of different nations. The main focus of the VinKo team are the local languages and varieties spoken in the regions Trentino-Alto Adige/S├╝dtirol and Veneto, with particular focus on the so-called language-contact' between Germanic (Cimbrian, Mocheno, Tyrolean) and Romance (Ladin, Trentino and Veneto dialects).

How you can help

We would be very greatful if you helped us by taking part in our online survey. Your data will greatly add to what we have gathered from other participants and will allow us to address some outstanding questions in this field of study: how does contact shape nearby languages? In what direction does language influence spread? Which phenomena are most subject to it?

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